The Fournier RF-6B is a two seater plane, all wooden construction, intended for flight schools. The purpose of René Fournier was to build an alternative to the Cessna 150 for aero clubs. You know the guy, he wanted much more. Encouraged by a bunch of instructors, he designed what they often call "the best trainer ever" and, at the same time, a really pleasant airplane with aerobatics abilities. A true versatile aircraft just for students ? No, this bird is a candy for experienced pilots too. Loops, spins, lazy eights, rolls ... let's spice your ride !

First flew on 12 March 1974.
Certified for both Category A (aerobatics) and Category U (utility).
Only fifty RF-6B were produced... during the oil crisis. Bad timing.
In 1981, René Fournier sold the development rights of the RF-6B to Slingsby, a british manufacturer in good financial health. The T-67 is born as the daughter of the RF-6B, a commercial success.

As an enthusiast pilot flying on this machine, JNelson suggested Avia71 to design an accurate model for X-Plane. We didn't need a lot of investigations to take up the challenge. We strongly want to thank JNelson for his help. Thanks for documentation, pictures, advice and of course thanks for being a great beta tester. This model is an accurate X-Plane version of the IRL bird.

Wing Span : 34.75ft 10in (10.60m)
Maximum Weight : 1,651lb (750kg)
Max Cruise Speed : 138knots (256km/h)
Engine : 100hp Continental O-200 A
Load factors : +6 -3

  • Complete 3D cockpit
  • Exclusive interactive checklist system
  • Inside and outside inspection
  • Customisable navigation equipment (even in flight)
  • Customisable lights equipment (even in flight)
  • 4HD textures
  • Custom sounds
  • Custom animations
  • 5 liveries

Many instructors call it "the best trainer ever", it's why we have specially worked on the accuracy of the flight model and an exclusive interactive checklist system (inside and outside the cockpit), which is designed to learn.


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Your liveries

F-GADQ livery by GoofyJP [download]. Many thanks to him !

OO-VAD livery by Leen de Jager - Flybike [download]. Many thanks to him !
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F-GADV livery [download]

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