I can't remember why my steps led me back to the flying club where I used to spend so many hours when I was a kid.
As I crossed the airfield, I couldn't help taking glances up above, as if I was still that little boy scrutinizing the azure untill I would glimpse the blossom of a white round flower softly falling, bringing back my daddy from the skies.
High blades of grass had grown through cracks and holes on the runway, the ancient fuel pump was rust covered, but the old hangar had hardly change for decades.
The creaking of the steel sliding door suddenly unfolded stream of memories. The smell of fuel, the sound of the warming up planes playing a stacatto version of a sewing-machine, the silky waves of the parachutes in piles waiting to be repacked, laughings coming from the small clubhouse... for a second, everything resounded in my head like echoes of the past in the silent gloom of the emply hangar.
I blinked, trying to ajust my eyes to the darkness inside after leaving the bright sunlight.

And there it was, in the depths of the garage, poorly hidden under a old tattered tarpoline. It was coverred in dust and its long, skinny wings were folded but man, I can swear it looked like it was waiting to be taken to the skies. The Lady Wander.
Certain types of aircraft give an impression right from the first glance that they are old friends. The Fournier is in just that class.
As soon as I got sight of it, I knew I would do anything to be the one who would wake it up. I could already imagine us soaring silently like a bird, and I was craving for that feeling.
I ran my hand on to the fuselage, a few scrapes on the painted surface wouldn't be a big deal to fix, the body was in surprisingly good condition under the thin layer of dirt. The critical hardware parts seemed ok... I jumped on the footboard and looked inside the cockpit through the canopy. Gauges were missing, I would have to find replacement parts on some fleemarket, it might even be a chance to bring some improvements. The distressed leather board gave it a beautiful worn vintage look that seemed smooth to the touch, I would try to keep it that way... My mind was set, the Lady Wander would be mine.

Finding its owner was not a piece of cake, and convince him to sell it was even harder. My passion and commitment, plus the fact he knew he was no more able to maintain it eventually persuaded him : a few monthes later, I had manage to get the Lady Wander for my very own.
And I'm really proud to present it to you today.

Wing Span : 55ft 10in (17.02m)
Empty Weight : 1,014lb (460kg)
Gross Weight : 1,499lb (680kg)
Max Cruise Speed : 118mph (190km/h)
Economy Cruise : (75mph) (120km/h)
Stall Speed : 42.5mph (68km/h)
Service Ceiling : 18,050ft (5,500m)
Engine : 68hp Limbach SL 1700 E

First Flight May 1971

  • Complete 3D cockpit
  • Two versions : canopy and opencockpit (switch even in flight)
  • Two GPS included : simple receiver and X-Plane 430 (switch even in flight)
  • Instrument switches (even in flight)
  • HD textures
  • Custom sounds
  • Custom animations
  • 8 livreries
  • In flight special procedure for feathered propeller, as in the actual aircraft
  • Checklists and procedures inside the cockpit
  • Pop Menu
    Easy access around cockpit and outside
    Field of view adjustment