This is the new release of the Fournier RF-5B by Avia71 for X-Plane 11.10+.

Since the early 1960's, Fournier aircraft have been known under the RF logo throughout all the places in the world where passion for aviation is at stake.
With the RF series, René Fournier created a new family of aircraft, a new way to fly. Far away from the race for power that was all the rage at the time, he imagined a thin plane, requiring little power. Everyone now recognizes the visionary flash he caught : a few decades later, he would be considered a promoter of green aviation.
Lack of capital, René Fournier did not have the commercial success he deserved. Yet the market that he opened with this new type of machine was there. Other manufacturers with real financial resources took the unscrupulous opportunity to plagiarize this aircraft with long wings that European administration has named, 40 years later, TMG (Touring motor gliders) to distinguish them from true motorized gliders.

And even though the Civil Aviation of the time did not understand the real interest of its formula, imposing inappropriate standards, the flying characteristics of his planes, their low operating maintenance cost and their long life cycle are now universally recognized and are the basis for a well deserved reputation confirmed by very high resale prices on the second hand market.
The RF5B Sperber (Sparrow) is a redesign of the Fournier RF5, a tandem two-seater aircraft designed in 1968 and manufactured under licence by Sportavia.

About 200 aircraft of this type were produced until 1975.

Wing Span : 55ft 10in (17.02m)
Empty Weight : 1,014lb (460kg)
Gross Weight : 1,499lb (680kg)
Max Cruise Speed : 118mph (190km/h)
Economy Cruise : (75mph) (120km/h)
Stall Speed : 42.5mph (68km/h)
Service Ceiling : 18,050ft (5,500m)
Engine : 68hp Limbach SL 1700 E

First Flight May 1971

  • Complete 3D cockpit
  • Two versions : canopy and opencockpit (switch even in flight)
  • Instrument hidden switches (even in flight) :
  • GPS, attitude/total energy indicator, WUI (see bellow), torpedo/canopy
  • Wind Unreal Indicator (WUI) : exclusive tool which indicates the actual wind forces
  • and direction. Very usefull to find the updraft along the upwind side
  • of the ridge and for crosswind landing.
  • HD textures
  • Custom sounds
  • Custom animations
  • 5 livreries
  • In flight special procedure for feathered propeller, as in the actual aircraft
  • Checklists and procedures inside the cockpit